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Dive into AI: Introductory Weekly Webinar Series

9:30 EST, October 27, 2023

About the Webinar:
Have you been wondering what all the buzz is about with ChatGPT?  Join us every week for a beginner-friendly introduction to the world of ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence. No jargon, just simple explanations.

What You’ll Discover:
– What is ChatGPT?: A straightforward breakdown of this exciting AI technology.
– Real-World Uses: Hear about everyday scenarios where ChatGPT is making a difference.
– See It in Action: Experience a live demo that showcases the capabilities of ChatGPT.

Who’s It For?
– Curious minds wanting a peek into the world of AI.
– Professionals keen on understanding the latest tech trends.
– Anyone and everyone! No prior tech knowledge needed.

Join Us:
Intrigued? Grab your spot in our weekly intro session. It’s free, fun, and a great starting point for your AI journey.

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