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AI that works for everyone

AI that works for everyone

What if you could have unique AI agents, each loaded up with your information only? You could then chat directly with all that information. It will only know about the data you uploaded. When you ask it questions, it will answer honestly.

You can even train your AI agents with precise, targeted questions called prompts. Prompt engineering allows you to refine the information your AI agent provides. With great prompts, you can use your AI agents to help you write website content or to help you explain complex topics in easy-to-understand language, for instance.

Don’t worry if you need to learn to ask your AI agents the right questions. We can help you with that, too. We’ll teach you how to train your AI agent by refining how you ask it questions. You can even use personas. If you’d like to chat with an AI agent that sounds like Steve Jobs, you can! Or, if you prefer an AI agent that sounds like a lawyer, you can set that, as well. The possibilities are endless.

WildcatGPT – your personalized AI agent

This is our most accessible and affordable product. It offers a high level of security and value for your sensitive data. With WildcatGPT you train your personal AI agent with specific data that is not polluted by anyone else’s data. It only knows what you feed it.

With WildcatGPT, your data is hosted on our own servers in a FedRAMP® certified data center, which offers high security and accessibility. Your data is never scraped or sold to others. You will also have access to any “public” AI agents that other users may share.

Panther – the flexibility of WildcatGPT, in an even more powerful package

This model combines the security of Grizzly and the accessibility of WildcatGPT. Based on your specific needs, we build a server exclusively for you, hosted within our own FedRAMP® certified data center. Panther is ideal for teams that need their own private cloud environment.

Grizzly – our most powerful and secure solution that resides on your premises

Our most secure model. It offers a full stack solution within your own location. It provides the highest level of security and data integrity possible. Grizzly is ideal for handling the most sensitive of materials.

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